Saturday, June 30, 2007

The most important lesson that I have learnt..

is that you should never underestimate the power of your intuition..I have learnt that lesson the hard way ,and as much as I would love to share the details about how I arrived at this conclusion, I think it might be best if I don't say anything at all...well at least for the time being. Anyways today I woke up as sick as I went to bed last night, and after eating a not-so-healthy- breakfast and doing the usuals, I got to go to the cinema and watched Ratatouille, which wasn't so bad...but neither was it off the hook, screamingly great! I bought me a small packet of popcorn which made my throat itchy and cough through the whole movie (much to the dismay of the kindergartners next to me) and soon my nose began running and I had no kleenex left in my jeans pocket...(It wasn't a pretty sight). I just wish that by tomorrow my cough and snotty nose would clear up and I would be my healthy, happy, usual self once again. We had dinner at this Mediterranean restaurant and I ordered some chicken-thingy which was really delicious.I am still trying to remember what it was called...Hmmm..Anyways I am extremely thirsty now so I am gonna crawl downstairs in the dark to get me a bottle of water before heading off to sleep...I need sleep. Desperately need it.

Friday, June 29, 2007

It's 11:32 p.m. here, and I am currently sitting up in bed, too energetic and active to fall asleep (I know I shouldn't have drank all those cans of 7up and Dr.Pepper!!). It's Day 3 here, on my first ever visit to Dallas and so far I am really enjoying everything that it has to offer. My aunt lives in this posh area in Plano, so I guess that getting to see all their rich neighbour's homes is somewhat of an exclusive priviledge. Almost everyone second person here is a multi-millionaire and owns a fab car, which makes me sooo jealous... I wish that my family wasn't so poor. It would've been great to grow up with money at your backside whenever you want...too bad the kids here are too snobby to appreciate what they have...One day, I will grow up and be rich and able to provide for my kids the life that I couldn't have. And oh yeah, most importantly, I will teach them values, and morals and things that make them responsible citizens of the world, not just rich brats who want an iPhone now and now, but won't wait in the long queue like the rest of us...I am still sick and my nose is running like a throat hurts and my head is sore..I just wish that I can get better soon. It's really embarrassing to blow your nose every 5 seconds in front of a whole crowd of people and then apologetically announce that "I'm sorry..I have the flu". The weather is playing havoc on us here. One moment the sun is out and the next it starts raining (no wonder I am sick). I just hope that it warms up soon because, I don't want bad weather to spoil my entire vacation. Some parts of Texas are experiencing heavy flooding and it's really sad to see all those homes destroyed and families misplaced. Today we went to the Plano Mosque for Friday prayers, and it was really cool to see how things worked here. I really enjoyed it a lot, except for the part where I saw a group of young'ns playing cards at the entrance...I mean, it's a mosque for goddsakes, not a damn casino!! Where were their parents? Perhaps they were waiting in line to buy an iPhone for their five year old "prince" ( They probably camped out at the mall from the previous night, left their two teenage kids at home not knowing that they would secretly through a slumber party which would be cut short by the cops who arrived a few hours later complaining about the noise) Well there you have it...One short day in Plano